Karkheh Regulating Dam & Powerpl  

15-Khordad Dam diversion and irrigation tunnels

is located in 240 km south of Tehran, beside Qum-Delijan road, with the total length of 760m and the 16m2 cross section area. The main quantities of this project are: 20,000 m3 excavation in rock and 10,000 m3 concrete casting.





Excavation of passenger and access tunnels and lining of diversion tunnels of Siah Bisheh Dam

is located in 10 Km South of Kandovan Tunnel, Tehran – Chaloos road, which included excavation of 900m long access tunnel (7m diameter) and lining of 1,300m long diversion tunnels (3 & 4 m diameter).The main quantities of this project are: 100,000m3  excavation in rock and 13,000m3 concrete lining.




Excavation and temporary support of access and outlet tunnels, shafts and manifolds of powerplant of Karoon-III Dam

is located in 28 km north-east of Izeh, Khuzestan province which consisted of a very complicated complex of underground structures, including 156,000m3 excavation in rock, 89,000m rock bolt. The project consisted of 363m long vertical shafts with the diameter of more than 11.35m, 305m long outlet tunnels (16m diameter) and more than 1,400m long tunnels with the dimensions of 9 to 12m, most of them were excavated in rock, and under water level.




Diversion tunnels of Siazakh Dam

in Kurdestan province 10 Km from Divandareh which included excavation and lining of 500m long tunnels with the diameter of 4.5 to 5m. The main quantities of this project are: 192,000m3 excavation, 26,000m3 concrete casting and 23,000m3 underground excavation.







Taleghan- Hashtgerd Road Tunnel

in South of Taleghan with  965m  length and 70m2 cross section area, i/c excavation, and lining and installations.







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