Feasibility study of using one portion of aggregate

in Kahir RCC Dam


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Kahir RCC Dam is a RCC dam in Iran which is started in 2011 and located in South east of Iran, in a semi dry area over a wild / heavy flooded river. It is FSHD type with 54.5 m height and crest length of 350 m. The body volume is approx. 500.000 m3.


To simplify the construction procedure, using one proportion of aggregate (0-50 mm) is under study and primary results show that it may be possible to use just one proportion. The goal is reducing the aggregate production process and the cost. Therefore the queries are divided into zones. Then the quality control plan for aggregate production process with static screen, transporting and stockpiling is discussed.


Since in this method of material processing, the sand content of each batch may be changed, the variance of sand content is derived. On the other hand, the effect of increase in sand content over the mechanical properties of the concrete is tested and studied. In the final mix design, the minimum of san content in the aggregate is specified. If the sand proportion of the aggregate is less than specified, the lack of sand is added in the batching plant.


Through obtaining the percent of sand in the aggregate stockpiles, and sensitive analysis of the mix property for sand increase, the feasibility of using one proportion of aggregate is studied.


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