Results of Mix Designs in Zirdan RCC Dam


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Zirdan RCC Dam is the 3rd RCC dam in Iran which is completed and impounded in early 2012. It is located in South east of Iran, in a semi dry area over a wild / heavy flooded river. The height of the dam is 64.5 m and the crest length is 350 m. The project was selected as one of the best concrete projects of 2011 in Iran by Iran Concrete Institute.


Several mix designs with different proportions of cement, admixtures, pozzolan, aggregate, sand and filer were examined to obtain optimum mix designs. In this paper, the procedure of making mix designs is presented.


Primary report of these results was discussed in a paper published in the 5th international symposium on RCC dams in China, 2007. The present paper will analyse the results of mix designs and concrete samples up to 180 days results.


According to the primary results, the optimum proportion of aggregates in the concrete mix  was obtained, then the use of washed and unwashed sand, different proportions of pozzolan, effect of different admixtures, mix efficiency and finally the effect of increase in passing #200 screen in the mix is scrutinized and presented


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