Quality Control in Zirdan RCC Dam



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Zirdan RCC Dam is the 3rd RCC dam in Iran which is completed and impounded in early 2012. It is located in South east of Iran, in a semi dry area over a wild / heavy flooded river. The height of the dam is 64.5 m and the crest length is 350 m. The project was selected as one of the best concrete projects of 2011 in Iran by Iran Concrete Institute.


In this paper, the quality control procedure of the dam construction in three stages of before construction, during concrete casting and after construction and the results are completely described.


Quality control before construction includes the process of selecting optimum mix designs for different classes of concrete, quality control of materials (aggregates, admixtures, cement, etc.), calibration of batching plant, and implementation of the test pad.


Quality control during concrete casting includes sampling of fresh concrete and the test results, controlling during transporting fresh concrete, spreading, levelling and compaction, creation of block joints, casting the mortar between layers, and preparation of joints between layers.


Quality control after construction describes the methods of curing, statistical survey of concrete samples and cores results, impoundment and the dam leakage.


Finally, the obtained results are compared with international references.



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