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Jahan Kowsar (P.J.S.) Co. was founded in 1986 in Tehran, IRAN with the aim of construction of diversion and water transfer tunnels of 15 Khordad dam and it's registration No. is 63010.

After successful completion of the project, it was decided to extend the field of activity.
The major quantities implemented till date by the company are:
10,300,000 m3
Excavation in Soil
5,500,000 m3
Open excavation in rock
530,000 m3
Tunnel excavation
8,700,000 m3
Embankment (Earth fill)
1,360,000 m3
Concrete Casting (Mass-Reinforced-Roller Compacted)
45,000 m2
Cut off wall (Thickness=80cm)
10,700 ton
Steel works (Except Steel Bar)
41,000 ton
Steel bar fabrication
7,500 m
Tunnel construction
(dia 3.5 up to 16m)
50,000 m2
Building construction and landscaping
(Except Site Mobilization)
230,000 m
Drilling & Grouting
22,000 hr
Cement grouting
The main fields that Jahan Kowsar Co. has concentrated are:

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